Monday, May 12, 2008

Tipton Humor

As any true Tipton knows there is that "Tipton Humor." There are two types of Tipton Humor. There is the risqué (being polite here) humor. Then there is the other type of Tipton Humor is the practical joke. That is the humor I will talk about now. It is ironic that the Tipton men are well known for two things. Anyone who has been around a Tipton long enough has experienced the Tipton Temper. It is well known with much justification. In another blog, I will delve more into that aspect of the Tipton character. However, in this blog I will discuss the Tipton humor. From my earliest memory, I remember that my father never ceased to find passing gas just hilarious. My Uncle Henry had a well known trick all of us young Tiptons caught onto real fast. He would put his finger out and ask us to pull on it. We all knew the joke. We would pull on his forefinger and he would pass gas. However, onetime we had the last laugh on Uncle Henry. Once one of us pulled his finger and he passed more than gas. Uncle Henry had an accident. This brings to mind another irony of Tipton humor. The Tipton men (and it was only the men, I don’t remember my aunts pulling these jokes) have a glorious time pulling their jokes but don’t like to be on the receiving end of the jokes. Oh no. Then you got the Tipton Look. With my Pop it was “What’s the matter with you”? Then Pop would administer a quick slap up the side of my head (maybe that’s why I have a cauliflower ear). During my research into the Tipton family genealogy history I’ve been in contact with distant Tipton cousins I have never met face to face. One thing that is interesting is the prevalence of Tipton humor stories. The following story is from Anne Tipton (Born 21 Aug 1935) of Elizabethton, Tennessee.

Anne is the daughter of George Britt Tipton (born 31Mar 1897 – died 28 Dec 1969), and granddaughter of Dove William Tipton (born 11 Nov 1875 – died 22 Jul 1951). She tells the story of her father, George Britt Tipton pulled on his son Clyde Raymond Tipton (09 Jul 1924 - 13 Oct 1982). George Britt and his dad, Dove William operated a general store at the base of Pigeon Roost Road. The store was about 100 yards from where Anne's grandparents lived, and where her parents and brother, Willie and Doris began their families The store was torn down at some point.
Anne Tipton tells the story:

"Daddy used to laugh & say his joke on young Clyde backfired. He caught Clyde sneaking candy out the cat hole door of the general store just down to the left of this house. Clyde would plant the candy & later go out on a very high porch leading off the store to gather his goods. Daddy said he thought he would set a trap to catch Clyde. So, he waited for Clyde to stick his hand through the hole & thus, he grabbed his hand & held on tightly with Clyde screaming. Dad was then afraid to let go because he thought if he did, Clyde would fall back off the high porch. Dad was really scared, but somehow it was resolved & all ended with nobody getting hurt. "

Thankfully, no one was hurt by the “trap” that George Britt set for young Clyde. Just as no one was hurt by Uncle Henry’s finger pulling episode that resulted in him requiring a change of underwear.

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Ron said...

I just received a correction from Anne Tipton. Below is the correct information that should have been included in the blog entry.

My 3rd brother was Clyde & he was a little boy who did not work at the store. The store was a separate building from about 100 yards from this house where my grandparents lived & where my parents and brother, Willie & Doris began their families. The store was torn down at some point, but the house & store were two separate buildings.