Monday, March 11, 2013

Donald Shane Tipton

A. L. and Donald Shane Tipton

It's been a while since I last posted folks.  For that I apologize.  I would like to post more often but life keeps interfering.  I'll try to make a good faith effort to be more current in my future postings.

One positive aspect that I receive from this blog about my Tipton ancestry is that I occasionally receive requests from another Tipton inquiring about their ancestry.  I am very sympathetic to these requests.  Until 1994 I knew nothing about my Tipton ancestry.  As I have mentioned before in this blog, my father didn't even know the name of his grandfather.  Nor did he care.  This was so frustrating to me because I had always wondered about my ancestry.  I knew it was there, because I came from somewhere.  My father came from somewhere.  He didn't just emerge from those mountains of western North Carolina and emigrate to south eastern Pennsylvania with eight of his brothers and mother and father to work on his uncle Don Byrd's farm picking vegetables and fruits. He had a father, who had a father, who had a father.  

Charles Siever Tipton 1822-1907
4xgrandfather to Shane Tipton

Charles Pinkerton Tipton 1856-1928
3x grandfather to Shane Tipton

It wasn't until I found out from my Uncle Ed Tipton his grandfather's name (my great grandfather) was "Hiram Tipton."  That information broke open the logjam that was my paternal Tipton family history.  

Thus I understand when another Tipton reads my blog and sends me an e-mail inquiring about is family history, of which he knows nothing.  My previous blog post told of Randall Tipton's inquiry and my success in finding his family history.  

Since then I have received several requests for family histories.  I always state that if the person requesting my help can provide me with the name of their grandfather and great grandfather (and dates of birth and death if possible), I can almost always find the link.  Such was the case with the latest person who requested my help.  His name is Donald Shane Tipton (pictured at the top of this posting with his father Donald A.L. Tipton).  

Don, or as he is known "Shane", did know his grandfather's name.  After about six hours of intense research in my account on I was about to find that Shane and I are both descended from Major Jonathan Tipton.  That makes us fifth cousins (once removed).  It is interesting but most Tipton relative I research are fifth cousins.  We all seem to be descended from the prolific Major Jonathan (1750-1833).  Thank you great-great-great-great grandfather Jonathan Tipton.

Below is Shane's family tree and his relationship to me: