Friday, March 28, 2008

Tipton Tales and Trails Website Up and Running

Well folks, I did it! The new Tipton Tales and Trails website is up and running. After many years of thinking about it I finally took the plunge. I have to admit I was somewhat intimidated about starting a website. Back in 1996 I had a Tipton Tales and Trails website but that was developed by a friend of mine. I supplied the information and ideas for the layout and he supplied the HTML expertise. Of course back then building a website was a rather laborious procedure and I had neither the time nor skill for accomplish that task solely on my own. And, of course, I was dependent on the goodwill of my friend who is no longer around.

I also wanted something to take the place of the now defunct Tipton Family Association of America newsletters. The late Charles D. Tipton of Garland Texas was the first editor of the TFAA newsletter and he turned that responsibility over to me in 1996. I kept it up for about a year and a half until I had to give it up because of my day job and family responsibilities. Now that I am retired (working part-time) I will have more time to devote to sharing Tipton family history with all of my cousins, distant and close. Also, with the miracle of the Internet, I can share this information without the costs of printing and mailing newsletters.

All who are interested in the Tipton Family genealogy and history are invited to share their information with me either through this blog or the Tipton Tales and Trails website.

Let's keep the memory of Charles D. Tipton alive. Spread the word. Tell your friends. An active information center for the Tipton History is back!