Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tipton Family Reunion a Success!

The group shot of everyone else at the reunion except the grandchildren of Fieldon and Hester Tipton

Sunday, May 16, 2010; the East Brandywine Park four miles outside of Downingtown, Pennsylvania was the occasion of the first Tipton Family reunion since 1997.  I am very happy to say it was a great success!

The day started out with overcast skies but they cleared up by the time of the first arrivals at the reunion.  They were Bob and Marie Tipton from Marietta, Georgia with their daughter Sharon.

Tom Tipton, Jr. with his uncle Bob Tipton and wife Marie and daughter Sharon Tipton

It wasn't too long after cousin Bob and his family arrived that cousin Darlene Tipton Ford arrived with her husband David and her son David.

David Ford with Amelia Buxbaum Christy and Rita Tipton Buxbaum

This was a potluck reunion, everyone brought a something to eat. Cousin Dick Tipton and his wife Linda coordinated the food placements.

Linda, Dick, Bob and Darlene Tipton (Ford)

Different members of the many descendants of Fieldon and Hester Tipton began arriving shortly after the official starting time of 12 noon.  Many brought their spouses and some brought their friends.  All were invited.  As the song says "We Are Family!".

Fieldon and Hester Tipton, my grandparents with their sons Fieldon, Jr. and Sam (1935)

Many (or most) of the younger folks who arrived at the reunion I did not recognize.  This is one of the purposes of the reunion, to acquaint the older members of the family with the newer generation.

Help me somebody, I don't know who this little girl is

Luke Withers, son of Kimberly and Brian Withers, grandson of Richard and Linda Tipton and great grandson of Ray and Katie Tipton and great-great grandson of Fieldon and Hester Tipton

A nearby playground for the younger members of the family

Cousin John Tipton chats with Fred White, husband of cousin Louise Tipton White

I welcome Tom Cruse (no, not THAT Tom Cruise), the husband of Terri Porter-Cruse
Terri is the daughter of Cousin Lois Tipton Porter, who is the daughter of Ray and Katie Tipton.

Debbie White Fincke with husband Mark and sons Aaron and Adam and niece Sarah
Debbie is the daughter of Fred and Louise White and granddaughter of Erby and Gertrude Tipton

Guess who?  Yep!  The master of ceremonies......ME! Picture compliments of Ed and Melanie Jefferis

The grandchildren of Fieldon and Hester Tipton - 11 out of 38 known grandchildren

From left to right Debbi and John Tipton, Bob Tipton, Barbara Tipton Keehan, Paul Tipton and me (looking like my father with my mouth hanging open)

A wonderful, relaxed Sunday afternoon.  Somebody got a ride of someone's shoulders.  They're talking to Beth White Fisher, daughter of Fred and Louise Tipton White and granddaughter of Erby and Gertude Tipton

The Sign-In Book (we missed some folks)

Chowing and chatting - Aunt Peggy Bruno to the left talking to Cousin Lois and that is Cousin-in-law Ed Jefferis (husband of Melanie Tipton) striding through

That would be me talking with one of my favorite aunts, Aunt Peggy. 

Cousin Darlene Tipton Ford posing for a picture taken by her sister Rita Tipton Buxbaum with her son David Ford.  

Rita and her sister Donna in earlier times with their Mom, Jeanne Tipton

Cousin Louise White Tipton taking a picture of my looking just like my father (with that mouth) and her cousin Charles Tipton (on the left), her brother Bob Tipton (red polo shirt) and her older brother Tom Tipton (blue stripped polo shirt)

Cousin Norman Tipton with his wife Sharon sampling the goodies

Cousin Darlene feeding a member of the family is is not a blood descendant

Kimberly Tipton Withers with ? (help! Kimberly)

Kids in a box (I need help again folks in identifying these young Tipton descendants)

Linda Tipton taking time out to eat some of the delicious food

Some of the friends of the family who also attended the reunion - Chuck Walcott on the left with Melinda Tipton with her sisters Liz, Mary and Theresa Tipton with their cousin Nadine Marks and her children Zachary and Sam and her grandmother Peggy Bruno

Cousin Kyle Jones, grandson of Pauline Tipton Jones and great grandson of Ray and Katie Tipton with his daughter Molly and his Significant Other Mary - Kyle's dad David Jones is on the upper right

Kyle Jones from the 1994 reunion held at the Westwood Fire Company, Coatesville, PA

Me taking a Flip video of my cousins John, Marsha, Dick and Melanie (am I really that skinny?)

David Jones (son of Pauline Tipton Jones and grandson of Ray and Katie Tipton) with his fiance and granddaughter Molly

A BIG THANK YOU to my cousin Darlene Tipton Ford who was so helpful at the reunion

The reunion was such a success that we're having another reunion next year.  The date of the reunion October 9th, 2011.  It will be held at the East Brandywine Community Park, the site of the last two reunions.  However, this time we will hold it at the Tower Pavilion which has a permanent bathroom with running water.  No more Porta-Johnnies!

Again, as in the past I guarantee perfect, sunny weather and a lot of happy faces.  Stay tuned to this blog and my Facebook postings for updates as we get closer to that date. 

Have a wonderful summer everyone!

Ron Tipton

Sunday, May 9, 2010

One Week To Go!

This time next week the first Tipton family reunion since 1997 will begin.

This is the first Tipton family reunion since 1997.  We're expecting a big turnout of 75 or more Tipton relatives and friends.  All of the Tipton relatives are descendants of Fieldon and Hester Tipton, my grandparents.  Without them most of us would not exist today.  Most of the Tiptons in southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware are descended from these two hard working folks who emigrated to the Unionville area of Pennsylvania in 1929 with their nine sons:

Raymond (10/20/1909 - 8/3/1988)
Henry (2/15/1911 - 3/11/1993)
Ed (9/10/1914 - 7/24/1998)
Erby (11/20/1917 - 9/29/1990)
Ike (4/18/1920 - 8/22/2000)
Rich (8/29/1922 - 4/9/1989)
John (8-29-1922 - 9-14-1961)
Dude (Luther) (3-11-1925 - 9-17-1979)
Tip  (Fieldon, Jr.) (12-31-1926 - 8-23-2006)

Two more sons were born in Pennsylvania.

Bruce (10/15/1931 - 6/28/1995)
Sam (3/31/1934 - 12/15/1963)
Hester (Lewis) and Fieldon Jacob Tipton, Sr.

Hester: born 13 Nov 1891 - died 20 Apr 1945
Fieldon: born 01 Jun 1884 - died 08 May 1939

The following is a list of those who attended the Tipton family reunion held October 4, 1997 at the East Brandywine Community Park outside of Downingtown, PA.

Barbara Tipton Keehn (1/5/1944) - daughter of Ed and Mabel Tipton
Sam and Shelby Tipton (3/31/1934 & 12/8/1939) - son of Fieldon and Hester Tipton
Margaret Tipton (6/14/1915) - widow of Henry Tipton, son of Fieldon and Hester Tipton
John R. Thompson (7/2/1957) - grandson of Margaret Tipton and son of Jane Tipton Coffman
William Tipton (2/7/1935) - son of Margaret and Henry Tipton
Evelyn Tipton (11/28/1931) - wife of William Tipton
Richard and Linda Tipton (9/3/1945 & 1228/1946) - son of Raymond and KatyTipton
John Michael Tipton and Girls (5/2/1947) - son of John Hannum Tipton and Peggy
Donald L. Gouge (2/14/1940) - nephew of Mabel Tipton
Mark and Debbie Fincke (11/20/1960 & 12/18/1963) - granddaughter of Erby Tipton
Roy and Beth Fischer (3/9/1962 & 7/2/1962) - granddaughter of Erby Tipton
David, Karen, Heather, Kyle & Brooke Jones (11/28/1962) - Raymond Tipton's grandson and family
Christine Keehn & Adam Brandt (1/29/1974 & 1/22/1974) - Ed Tipton's granddaughter and husband
Walter and Lori Griffitts ((5/8/1962) - Raymond Tipton's grandson and wife
Charles and Sally Tipton (12/24/1934 & 1/27/1935) - Raymond Tipton's grandson and wife
Marie Cross (you'll never know) - friend of Ed and Mabel Tipton
Ed & Melanie Tipton Jefferis (9/10/1947 & 9/23/1955) - daughter of Richard Tipton and husband
Verna Byers (3/25/1945) - Richard Tipton's daughter
Dianne Chandler (2/4/1960) - Doris Tipton's twin sister (Doris is Steve Tipton's wife)
Linda Tipton (9/11/1950) - daughter of Ed and Mabel Tipton
Mabel Tipton (12/19/1921) - wife of Ed Tipton
Steven Tipton (2/4/1958) - son of Richard and Teresa Tipton
Ed Snider (3/17/1954) - brother-in-law Steve Tipton
Pauline (Tipton) Jones and John Jones (7/2/1937) - daughter of Raymond Tipton and husband
Linda Tipton - daughter-in-law of Raymond Tipton (wife of Richard "Dick" Tipton)
Mr. & Mrs. BrianWithers (9/4/1963) - granddaughter of Raymond Tipton and husband
Tom and Kathleen Tipton (5/15/1960 & 11-13-1955) - grandson of Erby Tipton and wife
Norman Tipton and Flora Herr (3/2/1950) - son of Raymond Tipton and friend
Tim and Susan Tipton (and family) (4/26/1962) - Raymond Tipton's grandson
Joan Salluzzo (Sis Tipton) (4/1/1941) - daughter of Ed and Mabel Tipton
Fred and Louise (Tipton) White  (11/13/1941) - daughter of Erby Tipton and husband
Edward Tipton, Jr. (Bud Tipton) (4/1/1941) - son of Ed and Mabel Tipton
Paul Tipton (10/14/1967) - Erby Tipton's grandson
Gina Haynes - friend of Paul Tipton
Ed Tipton ( 9/10/1914)- son of Fieldon and Hester Tipton
Dave Reilly - friend of Ed Tipton, Sr.
Nadine Jamerson (11/21/1971) - granddaughter of John Hannum Tipton
Sam and Peggy Bruno (7/13/1928) - widow of John Hannum Tipton and husband
Marsha Jamerson ( 11/18/1948) - daughter of John Hannum Tipton
Susann Guy 6/25/1964) - granddaughter of Raymond Tipton
Samantha, Tonya and Shayne Guy - great granddaughters of Raymond Tipton
Jeffery Tipton and family    - son of John Hannum Tipton and Peggy
Jessie Tipton - mother of Paul, Bryan and Tom Tipton and daughter-in-law of Erby Tipton
Hester J. Tipton (8/21/1963) - daughter of Sam Tipton and Shelby

Tipton Family Reunion
Johnson City, Tennessee
August 15, 1994

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you next week at the reunion!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tipton Family Reunion Update

Well folks, that time is almost here for the first Tipton Family Reunion since the last one in October of 1997.  Thirteen years is definitely too long between reunions!

I am at my Mom's home in East Brandywine Township on Hopewell Road now, just down the road from where the reunion will be held Sunday, May 16th at the East Brandywine Community Park.  The park is located on Dilworth Road, just off of Hopewell Road, in Guthriesville, PA. 

I've been making phone calls, sending e-mails and Facebook messages and here is the latest count of who is coming and what they are bringing:

Dick and Linda Tipton (Uncle Ray's son):  fried chicken
Kimberly Tipton Withers and family Uncle Ray's granddaughter):  a casserole
Bud and Mable Tipton (wife and son of Uncle Ed): a case of soda
Sis Tipton Salluzzo and family (Uncle Ed's daughter): fried chicken, three bean casserole
Janet Tipton Drozdowski and family (Uncle Ed's daughter): to be determined
Barbara Tipton Keehn (Uncle Ed's daugher): zucchini casserole
Darlene Ford and Rita Buxbaum and families(Uncle Dude's daughters): a cooler of ice, iced tea, case of soda and meatballs in a marinara sauce, and pork barbecue
Jessie Stone (Tommy Tipton's former wife): brownies
Peggy Bruno (Uncle John's wife): a case of bottled water
John and Debbie Tipton (Uncle John's son): to be determined
Janna Tipton (Uncle John's granddaughter): cookies
Liz Tipton (Uncle John's granddaughter): potato chips and ice
Mary Tipton (Uncle John's granddaughter): to be determined
Lois Tipton Porter (Uncle Ray's daughter): potato salad
Terri Porter Cruse (Uncle Ray's granddaughter): venison goulash and extra table cloths
Theresea Tipton ( Uncle John's granddaughter): to be determined
Nadine Marks and family (Uncle John's granddaughter): hummus and veggies (I love this!)
Jeffrey Tipton and family (Uncle John's grandson):  to be determined
Marsha Tipton (Uncle John's daughter): to be determined
Janna Tipton (Uncle John's grandaughter): cookies
Louise Tipton White and Fred (Uncle Erby's daughter): cupcakes and pretzels
Beth White Fisher (Uncle Erby's granddaughter): hot dogs and rolls
Debbie White Fincke (Uncle Erby's granddaughter): brownies
Bob Tipton and family (Uncle Erby's son): paper plates and utensils
David Jones and family (Uncle Ray's grandson): desserts and tea
Faith Joslyn (Uncle Ray's granddaughter): fried chicken
Kristen Leigh Tipton Uncle Ray's granddaughter): potato salad
Tricia Tipton (Uncle Tip's granddaughter):  to be determined

I hope I didn't miss anybody.  If I did please don't be offended and please contact me either by e-mail (, or phone (302-644-2255) or comment on this blog.  I'll make the correction and/or addition immediately.  I appreciate everyone's patience.

Remember to bring the kids.  Their is a wonderful playground right next to the Alison Pavillion where our reunion will be held. And I guarantee a sunny, mild spring day!  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and introducing the younger generation to their cousins.  I bought some name tags at Staples today and maybe I can talk Sis into marking one for everyone when they arrive.  Also, if anyone wants to bring a friend who is not a Tipton descendent, that is fine.  All are welcome.

There is no admittance charge but I am asking everyone to bring something to the reunion whether it be your family's special picnic recipe for just paper plates and plastic utensil.  I'm bringing the napkins and my own recipe for potato salad.

Some of the Tipton relatives I've contacted cannot come because of prior committments.  They are:

Charles and Sally TiptonUncle Ray's son
Hester Tipton:  Uncle Sam's daughter
Jill Tipton: Uncle Sam's granddaughter
Penny Noles (Henry Tipton's granddaughter)

The following relatives have been contacted but haven't made a decision yet:

Ike Tipton, III (Ike Tipton's grandson)
Lyndsay Tipton (Ike Tipton's daughter)
Cassie Tipton (Ike Tipton's daughter)
Michael Tipton, Jr. (Uncle Tip's grandson)
Tara Tipton Stagg (Uncle Tip's granddaughter)
Dawn Tipton Armstrong (Ike Tipton's granddaughter)
Leah Porter-Ritter (Uncle Ray's granddaughter)
Paul Tipton (Uncle Erby's grandson)
Bryan Tipton (Uncle Erby's grandson)
Tom Tipton, Jr. (Uncle Erby's grandson)
"Mike" Tipton (Cousin Bill Tipton's widow)

That's the latest information folks.  I'll update this blog as I get more information. Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tipton Family Reunion

After a long hiatus, I am planning a new Tipton Family Reunion. The reunion date is Sunday, May 16, 2010 at the East Brandywine Community Park,, Pavilion A, 436 Dilworth Road, Guthriesville, PA.

The following are the directions to the East Brandywine Community Park:

East Brandywine Community Park Take Rt. 30W to Manor Ave/Rt 322 exit. Go right at bottom of ramp onto Rt. 322 West (away from Downingtown). Continue on Rt. 322 until 1st traffic light in Guthriesville(rental center on left, Sunoco and Blue Moon Florist on right). Go right at light onto Hopewell Rd to 1st road on left. Go left onto Dilworth Rd. to 2nd park entrance on left (about 3/4 mile on Dilworth).

This will be the first Tipton family reunion since the last Tipton Family Reunion held October 4, 1997. Prior to that reunion there was a Tipton family reunion held at the Westwood Fire Company in 1993 and 1995.

Cousin Richard "Dick" Tipton and his wife Linda are donating a roast pig for this reunion. Dick and his wife Linda also catered the last reunion in 1997. I will rent the pavilion. We need volunteers for bringing soda, water, paper plates, plastic utensils and napkins. Anyone who wishes to bring a pot luck dish like potato salad, cake, and pies are welcome but it is not a requirement to attend the reunion.

Unlike the last reunion we probably won't have live blue grass music. Bob Paisley, the wonderful blue grass musician died. I'll talk to Cousin Charles to see if he has any recommendations for music. We may have to have a boom box with blue grass music. If anyone else has suggestions, I will be glad to entertain them.

I am looking forward to this reunion because it will bring together another generation of Tipton cousins who have never met each other. The Tipton family reunions that were held when I was a kid were of the families of the original eleven Tipton brothers. Sad to say, all of the brothers have now passed on. The next generation is the thirty six Tipton first cousins and their children and grandchildren. I am in that next generation of Tiptons and it won't be too long before we too are gone from the scene. So that is why it is so important to continue the tradition of having the Tipton family reunions.

Hopefully we won't have to wait thirteen years again before the next Tipton family reunion. We'll see how successful this reunion is and if it is successful, then we will have one every two years.

As more details are being worked out I will post that information to this blog as it happens.

Hope to see you there!