Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tipton Family Reunion Update

Well folks, that time is almost here for the first Tipton Family Reunion since the last one in October of 1997.  Thirteen years is definitely too long between reunions!

I am at my Mom's home in East Brandywine Township on Hopewell Road now, just down the road from where the reunion will be held Sunday, May 16th at the East Brandywine Community Park.  The park is located on Dilworth Road, just off of Hopewell Road, in Guthriesville, PA. 

I've been making phone calls, sending e-mails and Facebook messages and here is the latest count of who is coming and what they are bringing:

Dick and Linda Tipton (Uncle Ray's son):  fried chicken
Kimberly Tipton Withers and family Uncle Ray's granddaughter):  a casserole
Bud and Mable Tipton (wife and son of Uncle Ed): a case of soda
Sis Tipton Salluzzo and family (Uncle Ed's daughter): fried chicken, three bean casserole
Janet Tipton Drozdowski and family (Uncle Ed's daughter): to be determined
Barbara Tipton Keehn (Uncle Ed's daugher): zucchini casserole
Darlene Ford and Rita Buxbaum and families(Uncle Dude's daughters): a cooler of ice, iced tea, case of soda and meatballs in a marinara sauce, and pork barbecue
Jessie Stone (Tommy Tipton's former wife): brownies
Peggy Bruno (Uncle John's wife): a case of bottled water
John and Debbie Tipton (Uncle John's son): to be determined
Janna Tipton (Uncle John's granddaughter): cookies
Liz Tipton (Uncle John's granddaughter): potato chips and ice
Mary Tipton (Uncle John's granddaughter): to be determined
Lois Tipton Porter (Uncle Ray's daughter): potato salad
Terri Porter Cruse (Uncle Ray's granddaughter): venison goulash and extra table cloths
Theresea Tipton ( Uncle John's granddaughter): to be determined
Nadine Marks and family (Uncle John's granddaughter): hummus and veggies (I love this!)
Jeffrey Tipton and family (Uncle John's grandson):  to be determined
Marsha Tipton (Uncle John's daughter): to be determined
Janna Tipton (Uncle John's grandaughter): cookies
Louise Tipton White and Fred (Uncle Erby's daughter): cupcakes and pretzels
Beth White Fisher (Uncle Erby's granddaughter): hot dogs and rolls
Debbie White Fincke (Uncle Erby's granddaughter): brownies
Bob Tipton and family (Uncle Erby's son): paper plates and utensils
David Jones and family (Uncle Ray's grandson): desserts and tea
Faith Joslyn (Uncle Ray's granddaughter): fried chicken
Kristen Leigh Tipton Uncle Ray's granddaughter): potato salad
Tricia Tipton (Uncle Tip's granddaughter):  to be determined

I hope I didn't miss anybody.  If I did please don't be offended and please contact me either by e-mail (, or phone (302-644-2255) or comment on this blog.  I'll make the correction and/or addition immediately.  I appreciate everyone's patience.

Remember to bring the kids.  Their is a wonderful playground right next to the Alison Pavillion where our reunion will be held. And I guarantee a sunny, mild spring day!  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and introducing the younger generation to their cousins.  I bought some name tags at Staples today and maybe I can talk Sis into marking one for everyone when they arrive.  Also, if anyone wants to bring a friend who is not a Tipton descendent, that is fine.  All are welcome.

There is no admittance charge but I am asking everyone to bring something to the reunion whether it be your family's special picnic recipe for just paper plates and plastic utensil.  I'm bringing the napkins and my own recipe for potato salad.

Some of the Tipton relatives I've contacted cannot come because of prior committments.  They are:

Charles and Sally TiptonUncle Ray's son
Hester Tipton:  Uncle Sam's daughter
Jill Tipton: Uncle Sam's granddaughter
Penny Noles (Henry Tipton's granddaughter)

The following relatives have been contacted but haven't made a decision yet:

Ike Tipton, III (Ike Tipton's grandson)
Lyndsay Tipton (Ike Tipton's daughter)
Cassie Tipton (Ike Tipton's daughter)
Michael Tipton, Jr. (Uncle Tip's grandson)
Tara Tipton Stagg (Uncle Tip's granddaughter)
Dawn Tipton Armstrong (Ike Tipton's granddaughter)
Leah Porter-Ritter (Uncle Ray's granddaughter)
Paul Tipton (Uncle Erby's grandson)
Bryan Tipton (Uncle Erby's grandson)
Tom Tipton, Jr. (Uncle Erby's grandson)
"Mike" Tipton (Cousin Bill Tipton's widow)

That's the latest information folks.  I'll update this blog as I get more information. Stay tuned.