Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Pop-Pop Look

In my last blog entry I made reference to “The Look” that my father, Isaac W. Tipton, Sr. (18 Apr 1920 – 22 Aug 2000) would give to me if I said or did something that he didn’t like. My cousin Dick Tipton called me to tell me he enjoyed reading the blog and that his granddaughter Sydney knows “The Look”. In fact, Dick says she does a wonderful impersonation of her grandad’s look. Look at the picture and judge for yourself. She’s got it!

Sydney Abigal Rutt (24 Apr 2006) is the daughter of Kristen Leigh Tipton (02 Oct 1974), who is the daughter of my cousin Richard Dwight Tipton (o3 Sep 1945), who is the son of my Uncle Raymond Luther Tipton 20 Ot 1908 – 03 Aug 1988).

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