Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tipton Fishing Outing

Tiptons have always loved to fish. Yesterday my cousin Steve Tipton sent me these pictures of him and our cousin Tom Tipton (along with other friends) on a fishing outing at Little Pine Creek, Tioga County, Pennsylvania last Thursday, May 8th, 2008. The picture of the diamond black rattlesnake was taken in Lycoming County. Cousin Tom wasn't with them when they were teasing the snake to strike (not a wise decision according to Steve). The snake was spared. They tossed it in the woods with a stick.

This is the second contribution I’ve received to my Tipton Tales and Trails blog. That’s what this web site is all about, Tiptons and their “tales and trails”. Keep the contributions coming!

Steven Bruce Tipton (born Feb 4, 1958)
Son of Richard Berry Tipton (29 Aug 1922 – 09 April 1989)

Thomas Fieldon Tipton, Sr. (born November 5, 1939)
Son of Erby Erwin Tipton (20 Nov 1917 – 20 Sep 1990)

Steve, Tom and I are all the grandsons of:
Fieldon Jacob Tipton, Sr. (04 Jun 1884 – 08 May 1939)

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ThymeSense ~ A Sense of Thyme said...

Thanks for the email inviting us to your site. My whole family loves to fish. My Dad took us every summer growing up. I recognize that 'Tipton' look. Sidney below looks a lot like my own granddaughter. My Dad has the same 'Tipton' eyes as yours. I noted he's an exact 25YDNA match to you. (We haven't run the 37 marker test.) While we never had a paper trail to indicate a descendancy from Jonathan DNA seems to indicate that we are. It's nice to meet you. Jeane Tipton Houston