Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fishing Rodeo

The Tipton men have always loved to fish. My previous blog featured my cousins Steve and Tom Tipton on a fishing trip. This blog features me and my cousin, Edward “Bud” Walter Tipton, on another fishing trip long ago. This fishing expedition was over fifty years ago (1951). The occasion was the West Chester (Pennsylvania) Fishing Rodeo. The picture in this blog is of Ronald Walter Tipton (the author of this blog – born November 9, 1941) and my cousin Bud Tipton (born April 1, 1941 along with his twin sister Joan “Sis” Tipton). I won the fishing rodeo. Yes! Really! I caught the biggest fish, a 14 inch trout. My cousin Bud posed in the picture with me. It is ironic that I won the first prize that day (a young girl also won a prize for catching the first fish). Why the irony? I haven’t been fishing since. I figured I would quit while I was ahead.


Anonymous said...

My dear brother Ronald,
Very nice web site. I logged on for the first time today and am I impressed. You are doing such a wonderful job keeping up with the Tipton news and it is appreciated. I'm very proud of you and your wise decision to move to Delaware.You seemed to be happy and fulfilled. Keep up the good work, Baby Huey

Ron said...

Baby Huey,

All the work on the web site is worth it now that I have the approval from the Ultimate, my baby brother. Thanks bro!