Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tiptons in Eastern Kentucky

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This was posted on Roots Web a few days ago.  A fellow researcher researching his Tipton line came across a bible with original entries in it.  As any experienced genealogy researcher know, these bible entries are very valuable because they are the raw source of the true information of families.  Many families, including my own grandmother faithfully recorded the births, marriages and deaths of members of the families.  

I am reproducing the scanned bible pages here for review by readers of this blog.  The only thing I know about these Tiptons are that this bible was from a Tipton family in Eastern Kentucky, Estill County.  I have forwarded copies of the bible pages to Paul Tipton of California.  Paul has the master records of all the Tiptons in the United States.  I'm sure he will come up with the definitive answer which I will share with readers of this blog.  

Below is the information provided by the finder of this bible which may help explain who these Tiptons are:

"I found an interesting list within a bible I just found. All the names are Tipton, birth, death, and marriages. The document is in excellent condition. I'm tracing my family tree and have Tipton's as relatives. If your interested in this please let me know.

Finally have the documents scanned. If you have any trouble reading the details, I could probably translate them for you if would like.

There are no geographical locations, but I'm pretty sure that the names on the list are from Eastern Kentucky, probably Estill County or the surrounding area.

I'm tracing my family tree and have come to a dead end on my grandmother's side. Her maiden name was Woosley, her father; William married a Tipton. Unfortunately this is where my trail stops. Any help would be greatly appreciated."


Larry, aka The Kid and The Old Goat said...


Yes, that was how I established some links in my family. When I found those old Family Bible pages locked up in the safe at the Chester County Historical Society I was like a kid getting a birthday present.


Ron said...


The old family bibles are the best source of information.

Megan Joy said...

I'm one of the Estill County, Kentucky Tipton's. My grandfather was James Allen "Rabbit" Tipton, his father was Clyde Mortan Tipton and his father was Samuel Tipton.
Good luck on all of your research!

Megan Tipton Parker

Jennifer Tipton -Frazier said...

My name is Jennifer Tipton, and my grandfather, Hubert Tipton is from Estill county. In fact our family(tipton) still holds property there. I remember attending a family reunion there when I was a child, near Clay City Kentucky if I recall. I am also direct descendant of Major Jonathan Tipton. We live in Louisville Kentucky, about 3 hours away from the Tipton homestead in Estill co.

Textgoon said...

My grandmother was Florence Tipton (1892-1973), daughter of Joe and Mattie Mackey Tipton from Estill County. I've found records that her grandfather ran a distillery. Her grandparents and two of her sisters are buried at the Mackey Cemetery in Estill County. One of her grandmothers was Malinda Crowe, daughter of Job Crowe. My grandmother always wanted to be in the DAR but she couldn't document her patriot ancestor. Is the Major Jonathan Tipton you mentioned?

steven chaney said...

i live close to macky cemetery in estill co. and they are lots of woolseys on the cemetery road i can get the names off the tombstone if you want,

Debra Schroer said...

I am a decedent of Phoebe Tipton, daughter of William "Fighting Billy" Tipton, out of Cades Cove, Blount County, TN. Nice to meet ya' Cousins!

Aarifa Chitison said...

Hello, I'm looking into my family tipton line from estill KY as well. James and Dora tipton, parents of Dora dob 1855, Clarence dob 1873,Maude dob 1888,Maria tipton dob 1893.

Vicktoria Mudd said...