Friday, January 28, 2011

The Tipton Family Association of America Resurrected!

Folks, good news!  The Tipton Family Association of America has been resurrected!

John Parrish, a descendant of Colonel John Tipton (1730-1813) has taken up the reins as president of the Tipton Family Association of America.

John has issued his first TFAA newsletter.  I have reproduced it as below:

The Tipton Family Association of America
314 Oak Place, Asheville, North Carolina, 28803-1930

Winter 2010/2011 Newsletter

I am very proud and happy to be President of the Tipton Family Association of America.  I want to thank Robert Tipton Nave for nominating me for the office and the association members for their confidence in electing me at our October meeting.  I plan to devote time and energy to our family’s association providing the public with knowledge of the achievements of the Tiptons and helping descendants obtain the information they seek about our Tipton family.

I am a descendant of Colonel John Tipton (1730-1813) through his son, Captain Jacob Tipton (1765-1791) and his son, General Jacob Tipton (1790-1839).  My mother was born and raised in Covington, Tipton County, West Tennessee.

I have had the pleasure of association with many of our members visiting about questions of genealogy and history of the Tipton family.  I have met many of those family members through my website,  I would invite each of you to visit the site, make a comment in the blog and contact me to further our personal acquaintance.

I thank Tom Manning for his service as President of the TFAA.

It was pleasing to see a dozen or more Tiptons and Tipton descendants gather to learn about the family and their connections to it at the recent meeting in Elizabethton.  While the majority of those attending live within a hundred miles of Carter County, there were folks from as far away as Washington, DC; north central Kentucky and Chattanooga.

Robert Tipton Nave began the day’s program with his presentation:
Rambling with Robert Tipton Nave
An expert genealogist, archivist, librarian and historian of the Tipton family and the history of early East Tennessee, Robert told stories and answered questions.  He was informative and enjoyed by all.

In addition to my comments regarding my research on the life of Colonel John Tipton and Bill Tipton’s narrative about his trip to West Tennessee to find out about the settlement of that area by our family.
Bob Tipton, Co-Administrator of the Tipton DNA Project gave the group an update on the activities of this project.  Anyone wanting more information can contact Bob at

            David W. Tipton, whose grandfather was Frank William Tipton born 13 Jul 1903 at Milligan College, Carter County, Tennessee, is looking for any information about his great-grandfather, Augustus T. (Gus) Tipton, who first married Margaret Evalen Bowman and second Polly Ann Barnett.  If you can help David, call him at (423) 538-4619 or (423) 968-1669.

Lastly, everyone present formed a group that shared information and fielded questions.

            As President, I am proposing two things to enhance the Tipton Family Association of America in the coming year.

First, have a meeting in one year with planning that can start now.  By having meetings over the Columbus Day weekend, Tiptons and descendants who want to attend can plan ahead and have a long weekend to make the trip to the gathering. 

David W. Tipton of Piney Flats suggested the next meeting be at Rocky Mount.  David is past president of the Rocky Mount Board of Directors and offered the location without fee for the next Tipton Family Association of America meeting.  If all fits in place, that meeting would be on October 8th, 2011.

Second, launch a website for the organization.  Prior to the meeting, I met with a website designer and established the parameters for a dynamic site designed to meet the needs of Tiptons and descendants no matter where they live; most importantly, the site would host a blog serving as a queries conversation so people can ask questions and get help from Tiptons everywhere.

The website would feature pictures of Tipton family and historic sites from throughout the United States and perhaps even from the village of Tipton, England.  The website would have a magazine section for contributed stories, a gift shop, research information and could archive newsletters, etc.  This website as envisioned would not be static; it would have interactive picture display and pop-ups to make it appealing to all who visited.  All of these features do contribute to a higher cost than one might spend to do a static website.  It would be professionally monitored on a regular basis.

To launch the website, at a cost of about $ 900.00, the TFAA will need donations to cover that cost.  Please send your donations to John Parrish, President, Tipton Family Association of America at 314 Oak Place, Asheville, North Carolina, 28803.  I don’t think our association has a dynamic future in this internet world without a website and we all need a place to make our genealogical/historical inquiries and get answers.  Several donations were made at the October meeting toward this website project.

Numerous research resources were available at the meeting and can be ordered now with the addition of postage and packaging cost.  For more information, contact John Parrish at or the source indicated.   

  • Dale Reed’s book John Tipton, John Sevier, and The State of Franklin     $ 17.00
  • John Parrish's book The Life of Colonel John Tipton                                  $   9.00
  • Teter Nave, Pioneer of East Tennessee by Robert Tipton Nave                 $ 30.00
  • History of the Iron Industry in Carter County, Tennessee  by Robert Tipton Nave       $ 20.00
  • Copy of Spoden Map, Courtesy Suycamore Shoal State Park                    $   1.00
  • Copy of Keesee Map                                                                                  $    2.00                                                 

The Watauga Land Purchases by Troy R. Keesee is available from the Sycamore Shoals State Park Bookstore.
History of East Tennessee 1740-1800 by George and Juanita Fox can be ordered from the authors at  Very informative.

There is a new book on the State of Franklin, the Lost State of Franklin by Kevin T. Barksdale which is available through bookstores.

Tiptons: The First Five Generations by Charles D. Tipton can be purchased on CD from the Tipton-Haynes Historic Site Bookstore.

The embroidered Tipton family crest shown in the pictures above is available to all if you wish to have something embroidered.  The set up fee has been paid so your cost would be the article you have embroidered and the charges from:

Doe Valley Printing, 1282 Riverview Drive, Elizabethton, Tennessee 37643.  You can place orders by mail or contact Anita Remme at  or call (423) 542-4616.  John Parrish is the shirt model above.

Please share this newsletter with everyone you know that could be interested in our family’s history and association.  If you are receiving this newsletter by snail mail, please let me know your email address so you can get the newsletter electronically.  If you are receiving two emails, please let me know.  My email address is

Below is a picture of my mother, Mary Frances Parrish, at her birthday party.  Mother turned 101 on 27 Sept 2010.  A wonderful example of those good Tipton genes!  She is pictured with my sister, Laura, and her husband Ed Midgley.

Please remember to donate to the Tipton Family Association of America,
Tax Identification Number 61-1636584


TCasteel said...

Good volunteers are hard to find but are the driving force of many associations and organizations.
Theresa (Tangled Trees)

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

Welcome to the Geneabloggers family. Hope you find the association fruitful; I sure do. I have found it most stimulating, especially some of the Daily Themes.

May you keep sharing your ancestor stories!

Dr. Bill ;-)
Author of "Back to the Homeplace"
and "13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories"

Ron said...

You're right Theresa. We're going to get the TFAA up again and better than ever. Good to hear from you.

JCTipton said...

My name is John Charles Tipton and this my 1st attempt at contact with such a forum. My father was John Sterling of Rome, GA and his dad was Gordon W. of Blue Ridge. I read with interest that a John Charles Tipton (11th GA Regulars) was mustered out of CSA at Appomatox 04/15/1865). I will appreciate any added detail or comments on this or any related Tipton info that may pertain to me.

Judy Scott said...

Hello to all, Just read the Tipton Newsletter on the internet and was amazed at the size and organization of the family. My grandmother was China Tipton daughter of John Jack Tipton and Jane Lee. I am having problems with the many different Jonathan's to link with my great grandfather. If anyone has any info to share or advice please feel free to email me at I would appreciate any and all assistance with these "Jonathan's"!

Judy Scott said...

Hello to all out there in Tipton Land! My grandmother was China Tipton who was the daughter of "John Jack" or Andrew John Jack Tipton and Jane Lee. I am having problems linking the Jonathan's /John's in the correct order for my family lineage. There are so many I can't get the correct arrangement. If anyone out there has any suggestions or can assist me in any way it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Judy Scott

Sharon HensleyAlford, Ph.D. said...

Judy, I am grand-daughter of Rachel Tipton, John Jack's eldest. I am also struggling with the Jonathan Tipton's in our lines. Email me at or find me on ancestry as Hensleyalford.