Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lorenzo Dow Tipton

Every now and then a Tipton family researcher will run into a dead end on researching one of their ancestor’s origins. One such case is that of Lorenzo Dow Tipton (pictured at left with his third and last wife, Martha Hooks, the picture is dated 1895, they were married 18 April 1889.) Lorenzo was born in Missouri June 16, 1830, and died Cooke County, Texas May 1, 1908. Then, to add to the confusion, there was another Lorenzo Dow Tipton who died in Texas. He was Lorenzo Dow Tipton, born June 8, 1810 in Clover Hill, Tennessee and died in Barton Chapel, Jack County, Texas September 12, 1894. This Lorenzo Dow Tipton was a Baptist Minister (names after the great Baptist minister Lorenzo Dow.) Because of his prominence, many records exist of his existence.

This search for the Lorenzo Dow Tipton born in Missouri came about by a question from his great-great granddaughter Caroline (Tipton) Miller sent to me in January of this year.

Caroline sent me an e-mail January of this year stating:

“I am the sister of Jerry S. Tipton, one of the exact 37-market matches to you at Family Tree DNA for the Tipton surname project. We are trying to find how we hook into the line of Jonathan Tipton, as we know only the last five generations. Would you share your ancestors with us so we might narrow down the possibilities?

Our line goes like this:

Jerry Tipton b. Nov. 5, 1946 (Jerry is Caroline’s brother)
Kenneth N. Tipton b. April 1923, d. Mar. 2003
John Sidney Tipton b. July 1894, d. Aug. 1942
Daniel H. Tipton b. Jan 1870, d. Oct. 1961
Lorenzo Dow Tipton b. June 1830, d. Sept 1908

L. D. Tipton was born in Missouri, and moved to Texas in 1859 with his wife, Dorothy, and son, John S. Dan, Sidney and Kenneth were all born on that family farm in Cook County, Texas. In the 1940, Kenneth moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where Jerry (her brother) was born.

If you could tell us not only the names and dates of your ancestors, but their locations, we might find an overlapping geographical location or migration trail, and find out how we are related. I look forward to hearing from you!


Caroline (Tipton) Miller
Monterey, CA

Caroline mentions in her e-mail that her brother Jerry and I are exact 37-marker matches for the Tipton Family Tree DNA project. I am a direct descendent of Major Jonathan Tipton (b. 1750, d. 1833) of North Carolina and Tennessee. Caroline’s great-great grandfather is obviously a descendent of Major Jonathan Tipton. As any Tipton family researcher has discovered, Major Jonathan Tipton has many direct descendents. He was married three times and produced a total of thirteen children. Many of his children produced even larger families. An interesting fact is that many of my fellow Tipton researchers are descended from Major Jonathan Tipton. Some of those are Tim Tipton of Knoxville, Tennessee, Norman Tipton of El Cajon, California, Paul Tipton of LaJolla, California, Gene Tipton of Witchita, Kansas, and Kevin Weaver of San Francisco, California.

A few years ago I encountered a similar situation. I received an e-mail for a woman whose name I cannot recall at this time who was inquiring about her ancestor Fred Tipton. Again, she encountered a similar situation. She could go back so far and the history of her family stopped with Fred Tipton. I was able to find a Fred Tipton gravestone but we had no way of establishing the father of Fred Tipton. She came to the conclusion that Fred Tipton was probably illegitimate. This inquiry came to me a few years ago, before the Tipton Family DNA project. Maybe if she is reading this blog, she can contact me and I can put her in touch with the DNA project. Of course she would need a male member of her family to have his DNA tested because the test only works through the male bloodline.

One has to wonder what the circumstances are that would cause the father of Lorenzo Dow Tipton to completely disappear from the records of that time. I did a search on for Lorenzo in the individual family trees. The name of Lorenzo’s mother comes up. It was Fanny Rhine Linebarger but the slot where the father’s name appears says “Unknown Tipton.” I can surmise that perhaps “Unknown Tipton” was not married to Fanny Rhine Linebarger and didn’t want the responsibility of a child. Of course there could be any number of reasons why there is an “Unknown Tipton.” Perhaps he died young. My partner’s father died when he was one year old. My Mother’s Mother died when she was not quite two years old. These things happen and the original parent tends to fade into memory because they died so young.

Perhaps there is someone out there in the vastness of the Internet community who is reading this posting now who knows of an old family bible that some long ago Tipton recorded the father of Lorenzo Dow Tipton. If so, please contact me so we can put this mystery to rest and tie Caroline’s line into the Major Jonathan Tipton III line of Tipton descendents. We would love to hear from you!


Vaughan Visions said...

Actually, this Lorenzo Dow Tipton, was the gggrandfather of my husband.
He died and is buried in Pilot Point, Denton County, Texas, at the Pilot Point Community Cemetery. Our family has the original of this picture from my husband's grandmother's archives. We too are still stumped as to who the father of Lorenzo Dow could be. I guess all we can do is speculate. Although, I did see a post from a Ms. Miller, who said that DNA testing from our LD Tipton does match with Johathan Tipton from the Revolutionary war.
I would love to share information if you are still blogging.
Cynthia Vaughan
Tioga, Texas where LD raised his family.

Vaughan Visions said...

BTW, I do think we are researching the same line, but there is another LD Tipton from Jack County. That is not our grandfather.
Daniel Hinkle was the name of one of the Fannie Rhyne relatives, as was James Marion.
I have Lorenzo and Dorothy Lementine Hoffman's children as:
Columbus B. 1856
John S. Tipton 1858
James Marion 1861
Mary Alice 1865
Jacob H. 1867
Daniel Hinkle 1870
Laura F. 1872
David Binkley 1875.
Our line is through David Binkley, and his daughter Dorothy Belva, then my mil and my husband.

Vaughan Visions said...

If you ever do find out, please let me know as well. This is my husband's gg grandfather. We have a lot of original family pictures including the one you show, but no mention of LDT's father.

Cindie Vaughan, Tioga, TX

Jerry Herd said...

I found records of L.D. Tipton as a member of Company H, DeMorse's Regiment, 29th Texas Cavalry. Joined at Cooke County 1862 He appears on the 1862 and 1863 muster rolls. His wife, M.A. Tipton received Texas Confederate Veterans Widow pension 29367 in 1914 (available online at Ancestry). He also appears on the roster for the members of United COnfederate Veterans Camp 129 at Denton County Texas, this is on FH film 16857679, the roster is from 1892.
I am doing research on the members of this regiment.

Jerry Herd

Tina Cooper said...

My name is Tina Richardson Cooper, also a great great grandchild of Lorenzo Dow Tipton. I have gotten stuck as well. I would dearly love to see pictures of the old Tipton Farm and relatives. We've spoken of going to Tioga to visit the cemetary at least. My husbands grandmother was state genealogist at one time.