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Uncle John and Cousin Bud Tipton

John Hannum Tipton was born August 29, 1922 near in Raleigh, North Carolina along with his fraternal twin brother, Richard Berry Tipton. John was the sixth of eleven sons of Fieldon Jacob (04 Jun 1884 – 08 May 1939) and Hester Lewis Tipton (13 Nov 1891 – 20 Apr 1945.)

John Tipton was my uncle. John Tipton was my favorite uncle. I think I’m accurate in saying that John Tipton was the favorite uncle of all of his 35 nieces and nephews.

John was a paratrooper with the U.S. Army during World War II. He was captured by the Germans. He escaped twice and was recaptured twice by the Germans. Uncle John survived the war but his mother, Hester, did not know that. She died in April 1945, a few months before Uncle John was released from the POW prison camp.

Uncle John was much admired and loved by wife, children, brothers, nieces and nephews. Uncle John had a talent for sign painting. He was working for Gindy trailers painting signs when he suffered a fatal accident. A spark ignited paint thinner on the floor where John was working (probably a welding spark) and caught John’s overalls on fire. Even though his co-workers threw him to the ground to put out the flames, John suffered burns over the majority of his body. He died a few days later at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. How ironic that Uncle John survived the dangers of World War II but would die from an accidental fire caused by a simple spark.

John Hannum Tipton died September 14, 1961 leaving behind his widow, Margaret “Peggy” Frances Meehan (13 Jul 1928); and three young children, John Michael (21 May 1947) , Marsha Anne (18 Nov 1948) and Jeffrey Joseph Tipton (02 Nov 1956 – 25 Jan 2005.)

Uncle John is pictured on this blog with his nephew, Edward “Bud” Tipton, Jr. ( 4 Apr 1941.) The picture was taken in 1956.

Uncle John was the first of the eleven sons of Fieldon and Hester Tipton to die. He died too young. He is still missed to this day by those of us who were fortunate enough to have known him. Rest in peace Uncle John.



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Ron Tipton said...


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Ron Tipton said...

The following is my response to an e-mail from my cousin Melanie Tipton Jefferies. Melanie is the daughter of John Tipton's twin brother Richard Tipton. Melanie was too young to know Uncle John.

Hi Ron

Great job on the web site. It is so interesting to read. I did not know that Uncle John was a P.O. W. I do however remember when my Dad got the news about his death. It was so hard for him. I don't remember Uncle John but I do remember how much he was loved.


Thanks! It's a shame you didn't know Uncle John Tipton. Yes, he was much loved, and that is no exaggeration. A lot of times such sentiments are expressed when a family members die out of respect for his family. But I can tell you with Uncle John he really was MUCH LOVED. Anyone who came in contact with him knew he was indeed special. I can still hear his warm baritone voice saying "Ronnie." As a little kid, it meant a lot to me to have an adult treat me so kindly. No disrespect to my Father or any of my other uncles, but Uncle John was the only one who ever took time to listen to me and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. His son, and our cousin, Johnny has a lot of his personality. Do you know Johnny?

Uncle John's death was a unusual and cruel blow to the family because he was so loved and had such a young family. We were all devastated. I still choke up when I remember the beauty and sadness of his funeral. I remember clearly visiting him in the hospital at the University of Pennsylvania. He was bandaged up like a mummy from the burns he suffered. Family members would file in small groups to see him. I was given a special leave from Ft. Meade to visit him. So sad. He died a few days later. I think it is safe to say that Uncle John was the soul of the Tipton brothers. Such a kind man. So missed.


Ron Tipton said...

Below is my response to John Tipton's granddaughter, Nadine (who never knew her grandfather). She sent me an e-mail this morning complimenting me on my posting about her grandfather.
In a message dated 2/1/2009 8:31:37
A.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Thanks, Ron...this is great! So nicely written. I can't wait to share it with my family :-)


Look under the "Comments" section. I posted an answer to Melanie Jefferies. She is the daughter of your grandfather's twin brother, Richard Tipton. She never knew your grandfather but she remembered how upset he was at his brother's death. We all were. Even to this day, it hurts so much. Uncle John was one of those rare adults that made a little kid like me feel special. He did that with all of his nieces and nephews. Maybe it was his experience as a P.O.W. that gave him a special appreciation of life and everyone.

Did you know that his Mother died thinking he had died in World War II? She died before he was released as a P.O.W. Your Uncle Johnny (my cousin) has a lot of his dad's personality. A sweet, gentle man.


Ron Tipton said...

A comment from my dear cousin Rita, daughter of Luther Raymond ("Dude") Tipton:

Hi, Ron: That was a wonderful story and tribute to Uncle John. I did not know any of those things about him that you wrote about -- his war experience. That's amazing -- I always thought he was the best looking uncle, hands down. What a tragedy. I think the weirder thing is that as young as he died, I think my own father was the next brother to die, though it was many years later.

Take care, and keep it all coming, Ron!

Love, Rita

Ron Tipton said...

Another comment from one of John Tipton's nieces, Shirley Tipton Patterson, daughter of his twin brother, Richard Berry Tipton:

It is hard to believe Dad and John were twins. I always thought Uncle John was the most handsome of all the boys, but they were all nice looking, don’t get me wrong. Your dad probably came in a close 1st and my dad wasn’t bad either. They all had their own qualities. You can look at the picture of the whole group and they were all handsome.

Thanks Ron


Ron Tipton said...
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Anonymous said...
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John M Tipton said...

dear cousin ronnie:
even though i had computers, i generally don't look at them. i was sitting here and looking at tipton info and realized how much you care about people, especially my father. he truly was a good man. even though his death was many years ago i still get choked up when thinking about him. i remember sides to dad that no one ever knew about and they were all good. i remember, as he was dying, dad asking mom not to make trouble for mr gindsburg because the fire was not his fault. dad was a prisoner of war 3 times and told us stories but was reluctant to say much. uncle rich from what i remember was just as nice as dad and i believe that cost him his job as chief of police. its ironic that i remember dad also as a policeman, working under uncle rich and directing traffic at the aston convent which is now neumann university where elizabeth just graduated. ronnie, my dad was a hero, not only in the service but at gindy's on the day he was burnt trying to put a fire out that he didn't start for a man who gave my mom 2 turkey's. i listened to men that were there that day especially whitey. whitey told me he cried and was sick for 3 days after the accident, and will never forget how much of a man dad was when the ambulance people came to help dad get up and dad as bad off as he was telling them he can get up himself, which he did and got in the ambulance himself. dad was a hero not only in later years but in high school. i was fishing one day and a black man was sitting next to me at the reservoir in west chester when i got in a conversation with him only to find out that i graduated from high school with his daughter. his name was mr henson. when i introduced myself he said i went to school with a john tipton. he said white boys were picking on him one day and this john tipton walked over and stood next to him and said to the crowd, start something now there's two of us. he said they all walked away and never bothered him again. i told him that was my dad. i remember at the funeral holding dads hands with his white gloves on and i felt no fingers.i really wanted you to know that i appreciate all the nice things you do for all. say hi to your bill for me.

cousin john

Ron said...

Cousin John,
Thank you so much for your comment. Your father was a much loved man. I have such fond memories of him and how he was so kind to me and his other nephews and nieces. He was an exceptional man. It was so sad that he died so young. He will always be remembered as the kind and gentle and caring man that he was.
Cousin Ronnie

Unknown said...

Hi Ron,
My name is Emily tipton , I stumbled across your blog doing my own family history. I don't have any idea if we have any relation. My grandad and his family are from the south mostly Louisiana. I recently had a visit to my grandads, where he told me he had a a packet ofwhat he has on the Tipton side of our family, I am curious to see if any of it matches. If so I may have quite a bit of information for you.

Emily Tipton said...

Hi Ron, My name is Emily Tipton I have no idea if we have any relation. I stumbled across your blog In the midst Of doing my ownFamily history.I know that The majority of my granddad side of the family is from the South, mainly Louisiana.I just made a trip down to see him And he told me That he had a pocket full of information On the Tipton and his side of the family. He told me that he would send me a copy of those. So I'm curious to see if any of it matches up If so I may have quite a bit more information for you.