Friday, October 24, 2008

Find A Grave

My distant cousin (our great-great-great-fathers were brothers) Tim Tipton has a passion. He searches for Tipton graves to take pictures for his book he hopes to publish in the future. For many years I have also trolled through cemeteries in search of my Tipton ancestors. I have also search for my maternal ancestors, the Hadfields and Hickmans. Over the years I have accumulated a many pictures. I have also discovered facts that surprised me. For instance, I found my maternal great-great grandfather and grandmother's graves less than a mile from my Pennsylvania home. If I hadn't began my grave search, I would never have known this fact. Recently, Tim pointed me to a very valuable web site. It is called Find A Finding this web site is like finding a chest of treasure at the end of the rainbow. Yes, I admit it. I am weird. Hey, another good friend, Larry Meredith also like to troll through cemeteries. Larry and I have made several such expeditions in the past. Now here is the best part. This morning I was reading the background information on Find a Much to my surprise I read that a fellow Tipton founded this website. His name is Jim Tipton. Now my question is to my friends Tim and Larry, why didn't we think of this?


Anonymous said...

I think you should start a site similar to Find A Grave. I know I would join. You can make a site that doesn't have all the glitches they have. They have mini crashes every day.

Ron Tipton said...

Thank you for your suggestion. Coincidentally, the person who started the Find a Grave website is also a Tipton. His name is Jim Tipton. I don't know him. His interest was more of finding where the famous were buried. My interest is and always has been where my relatives were buried. I think the problem with the Find a Grave website is that they are too big.